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Braided PES rope

Braided PES rope

Braided ropes are the modern ropes. People associate this type with the "climbing rope" or "sailing rope". This rope structure is able to minimize the elongation, at the same time the production technology allows us to make the best abrasion-resistant rope.
Braided rope has two basic component, a core and a sheath.

PES (polyester) material is a synthetic "forever lasting, persisting" material which has a silky touch, shiny appearance, excelent loadability and abrasion-resistance, it also resist long wetness.
PES ropes are used during producting safety accessories referring to the attributions.

Available in any length.

In case of buying more than 100m we can provide 30% discount.
Minimal purchasable quantity: 1m.

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Prices are in HUF and exclude vat.